WNA #12: Business is Picking Up!

The ever popular three man booth is back this week with all the wrestling news you can handle, although not in the form you are used to. Special guest this week, Chris Richardson fills us in with his incredibly well informed perspective, while Ed and Robb make poop jokes. Also this week:


  • Did Great Balls set us on fire? or is that just the clap?
  • Which popular faction might be reuniting?
  • The departure of Austin Aries
  • Who is Angle's mystery love? Our theories might surprise you. Or you thought of them already.
  • Does Braun Strowman turn into Bill Bixby when the cameras go off?
  • Are the Hardy's finally ready to breaK?


So much more in this week's newbie show for Chris, who we hope will be back again soon.

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