WNA #25: That’s What Friends Are For

The Power of Friendship is running wild in the World of Wrestling right now!!


This means that the Ebony & Ivory Express of WNA have united once again to bring the podcast thunder to your earholes this week! Listen as the break down the big moments of the week including:


*Hell In A Cell results including the big cell matches and how many Cliffs we gave them!

*The Shield reunited and it feels.... so.... so good!

*KO & Sami Zayn showed that brotherhood means more than a powerbomb on a ring apron!

*Speaking of brothers: WE FOUND LUKE HARPER AND ERICK ROWAN... they were stuck in 1992!

*Global Wrestling Network is available... if you want that.

*Jim Cornette had quite a weekend in the Detroit area fighting and whipping his dick out to a live audience!

*Naito vs. Okada is coming! And Robb is unsure of when...

*#MakeItWork time is here! And Robb is very angry at ALLLLLLL of you for doing this to him. But, he thinks he actually made The Gobbledy Gooker work!


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