WNA #4: ¡No Soy Basura!

This week we try very hard not to lose our composure like last episode's House of Horrors fiasco.

This week we cover:
• Robb is the King of the North while Cliff tries to curb his R-Truth hate
• How hard it is to watch Raw and SmackDown on tape delay
• Dean Ambrose (a.k.a., Bugs Bunny) helps Kurt Angle save a bald eagle
• Alexa Bliss/Nia Jax/Bayley and where it could be heading. Can we call Nia "Big Mama Cool" now?
• Kalisto: ¡No soy basura!
• Cesaro & Sheamus go Beast Mode
• SmackDown's Welcoming Committee needs direction and who could provide it
• Luke Harper deserves better and why Tör the Viking may be a better idea for Erick Rowan
• NXT recap for the 5/10 episode
• Injury updates to Braun Strowman, Ember Moon and Emma
• Ring of Honor's parent company made a BIG purchase and what this could mean for ROH's future
• More info on the upcoming Women's Tournament and a few names that could be involved... what could this mean for Asuka?
• Kane is running for Mayor. And his opponents are already planning ads against him
• Charlotte's privacy gets violated
• Where is Adam Cole (BAY-BAY!!) going now that his ROH deal is up?
• More Hardy/TNA drama and why Reby Hardy gives no f*cks
• Cliff breaks down why he feels pro wrestlers are taking over Hollywood and the gang discusses who could be the next to follow

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