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We are taking a very short hiatus.... we know, we know. Unfortunately, scheduling issues over the next few weeks will make doing a show difficult, but we WILL BE BACK!! Mark your calendars for Feb. 2nd! And we will return at full strength for the beginning of Season 2 of WNA!! (Does this shit really have seasons??)

Oh and Robb will likely be around bugging you until then. So, you won't miss us too much.


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What happens when two guys forget that the cohost who couldn't make it to record is the guy who edits the show? A bizarre podcast filled with wrestling discussion and a ghostly voice from beyond talking shit as a running commentary. 

Cliff can't make the show this week (or did he?) and Robb is joined by "pinch-hitter", Chris Richardson. Robb & Chris discuss their hopes for Royal Rumble and Wrestle Kingdom 12... and Cliff... may be closer than the two guys realize the whole time. Is he watching Robb & Chris from another dimension? Just waiting for his moment to make his move? Listen and find out!


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After a week away due to the holidays, WNA is back to kick 2017's ass and get things off their chest. And yes, Robb is drunk. So, there is that.

Listen as they give their unfiltered opinion on the year that was and their hopes for the future. They give their Top 5's of 2017 in wrestling and Geekdom and a couple Top 5 Hopes for 2018. What were things they feel were hated on unfairly? And what were a few suggestions of things you may have missed this year that they think you should check out.

Robb also goes in-depth on his "Lovable Asshole" lifestyle and how he recently pushed his wife too far! How badly was he hurt? Listen to find out!

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The end of WNA may be upon us. Just listen through to the end to hear not only the usual WNA nonsense and the guys cover the week's geek news... but the moment in which Robb & Cliff may have ceased to be friends. 

This week the guys talk about the latest in the Disney purchase of Fox Film/TV, what Brock is doing at Royal Rumble, the latest Marvel-Netflix news, Rich Swann's arrest and whether DC is being racist in their attempts to recast Iris West in the DCEU.

Stay through to the final moments of the show. It's very possible that... the end is here. The END of WNA.

Will their friendship survive? And what does Jaden Smith have to do with the death of 20+ years of friendship?

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This may be the best or worst episode of WNA yet. Robb is sick and doped up on cold meds and Cliff is helpless to stop him... so why try?

The guys go off the rails almost immediately while discussing the odd news coming out of the week in wrestling. They discuss just how much the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War made them sexually aroused and how some fans need to stop being hypocrites when it comes to the way the Big Dog carries his belt to the ring. There is some discussion of why some people choose to snort things off of the backside of others and why Robb was never a fan of people wearing "hammer pants" in the ring. 

We hope you have fun with this week's episode. And if you don't? Well, if you have ever listened to WNA before... you should've known what you were getting into!

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