WNA #48: The Greatestest Royal Infinity Rumble War of All Time EVER (We Mean It)

This week was the Greatestest Week in Wrestling History... at least that is what WWE's PR team want you to believe. Ya boys break down the Greatest Royal Rumble card including:

  • Cliff's over-selling of the PPV and believing the hype
  • Jinder and his slightly less agressive nipples and their epic botch
  • When is a blown spot not a blown spot?
  • Controversy and what lots of money allows you to forget
  • Big E, Bootyworth and Baby Oil
  • Titus finds a way to get over and Shockmaster passes him the torch

Aaaaaand....... we will give you plenty of warning....... but we spoil the fuck out of Avengers: Infinity Way near the end of the episode! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


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